Corrective Rape

Every year in South Africa hundreds of women are raped because of their sexual orientation. The Government failed them by not acknowledging the nature of the crime and rarely disposing of the perpetrators. But something may change today.

Eudy Simelane was an active, clever woman. She was a member of South African national women’s football team and she also was a vocal LGBT-rights activist. And, yes, she was a lesbian. In April 2008 she was found dead in a ravine in KwaThema, just outside Johannesburg, after she had been gang-raped and stabbed by four or five men, but the trial only sentenced two of them. Simelane was the first women in KwaThema to live openly as a lesbian. The men who assaulted her wanted to ‘cure’ Eudy from her homosexuality. An absurdity known as ‘corrective rape’.