Gay / Homosexuality Suicide Issues In South Africa

In the present sample of gay/bisexual men, 16.5% have made suicide attempts because of their sexuality… Of the South African gay/bi adolescents, 38.7% have attempted to commit suicide because of their sexuality.

The sample consists of 329 males from across South Africa… The majority of the sample were from 15 to 34 years of age (87.5%)… The majority were white (73.8%), with 16.7% being black and the rest (9.5%) either Indian, Coloured, or unspecified.

When considering the influence of stressors and trauma on suicidal tendencies in gay/bi men, it was found that internalised homonegativity had the strongest influence. This is perhaps not surprising since loathing oneself because of one’s sexuality, and seeing that sexuality as perverse, would be expected to be closely related to a severe self-hate that could lead to suicide.